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Four Continents. Nine Architects. One Journey.

A Feature Documentary by Alessandra Stefani.

A modern explorer leads us on a global journey to discover how nine of the world’s greatest architects are shaping our future.

GENRE: Feature Documentary

RUNTIME: 104 minutes

DIRECTOR: Alessandra Stefani




The Arch. is a tale of self-discovery and revelation that echoes the archetypal journey of a hero (Dada) and his quasi-magical encounters. From the protagonist’s perspective, architecture is the guise of things, the exterior sign that reveals mentalities, social habits, and the vision of the future.


I wanted to connect the past to the future, the east to the west. The character of Dada is a device, a vehicle to forge this connection. Thanks to him, we meet the extraordinary architects who guide us toward a deeper understanding of concepts such as responsibility, sustainability and happiness.


In a crescendo of suggestions and provocations, through time and exposure to life, Dada will transform himself into a brand-new human being.


Ultimately, I hope the film will serve as an overture into the spirit of Contemporary Architecture and I am confident that through Dada’s journey, it will engage, inspire, and leave us with an enriched perspective on our own lives.

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